Finally Accountability On Nasty Posts - Jay Servidio Teleteria
Since 2004 and more people each year post to news sites and chat boards rude defamatory anonymous posts. Thats changing now that sites are requiring people to register their complete info.

Porn, Women, and Business - Jay Servidio of Teleteria Does it Again
Jay Servidio likes the old saying, "Proof that women are smarter than men is the fact that diamonds are a girl's best friend, and dogs are a man's best friend." His company, Teleteria, has a high percentage of women entrepreneurs in his client base. Servidio is a leader in the adult website business for sixteen years, and you can be sure he's paying close attention to the fact that women-owned businesses are increasing at a monumental pace.

You Know It I Know It So Who We Fooling?
Neuroeconomics and the Internet and how you can profit off it while staying home.

Zero Dark Thirty
Havent We Had Enough Drug Dealing in Afghanistan?

You Gotta Love Google
Jay Servidio some of the many attributes of Google.

Good Hands with Jay Servidio
I knew I was in good hands when your assistant called to make sure I received the package you sent, five minutes after I thanked the mailman for delivering it!

Do You Benefit From the Economics of Sex?
The sex industry is booming bigger then ever in the current economic downfall.

Jay Servidio Wisdom on Online Marketing
In this peice Jay Servidio talks about the end of Microsoft as we know it.

Online Marketing Battlefield Earth
Todays lesson in online marketing as told by Jay Servidio Founder CEO President of Teleteria and all around swell guy.

The Hamptons or the Jersey Shore?
Jay Servidio of Teleteria discusses the difference in weekend summer getaways.

As Goes Google So Goes Us All
Google makes another purchase and Jay Servidio comments.

Handicapped? Teleteria Founder, Jay Servidio, Has an Idea
Many handicapped individuals find success in a business that allows them to stay home and achieve their goals and financial freedom. Jay Servidio of Teleteria takes great satisfaction helping this segment of the population.

Google Me is Good For Me Says Jay Servidio Founder Teleteria
To Jay Servidio, founder and CEO of Teleteria, a successful adult website company, the recent news that Google is working on a rival to Facebook is tremendously exciting! 'Google Me' would open up yet another venue for Servidio and his team to market their company.

Keep your Head Al Gore
Jay Servidio founder and CEO of Teleteria talks current events.

Teleteria founder Jay Servidio Discusses the Future of Working Online
Teleteria founder Jay Servidio talks about the future of working online and how it will be done.

Jay Servidio founder Teleteria Discusses the Interent Effects on Social Interaction
Jay Servidio who founded Teleteria in 1994 discusses the internet effects on social interaction.

From XXX to $$$ Jay Servidio founder Teleteria Gives A Seminar
Jay Servidio founder Teleteria gives a seminar on the adult internet industry.

Jay Servidio Founder Teleteria on Marketing for Porn Sites
Jay Servidio founder Teleteria discusses proven methods for advertising porn sites.

Jay Servidio founder Teleteria discusses Internet Growth
Jay Servidio founder Teleteria discusses proven methods for advertising porn sites.

Jay Servidio founder Teleteria gets written up in AVN Magazine
Jay Servidio founder of Teleteria in 1994 gets written up in AVN Magazine. Teleteria was the original design and hosting company for Internext, the adult internet trade show, before AVN bought it and ran it into the ground.

Teleteria founder Jay Servidio gets write up in front page article on the NY Press
Teleteria founder Jay Servidio gets written up in an in depth front page story in the NY Press. The writer followed him around for weeks to get the real story.

Jay Servidio founder of Teleteria front page The Wall Street Journal
Jay Servidio founder of Teleteria is written up on a front page of The Wall Street Journal article about

Jay Servidio On PPC Advertising for Porn Sites
Jay Servidio diccusses important info on how to begin and maintain a Google Adwords PPC campaign for the marketing of your custom porn site designed by Teleteria.

So You Want to Make Money in Online Porn?
Making money in the porn industry requires just as much work as any other industry. It does have its perks most like any other indutry. Insurance salesmen do the exact same thing at their annual convention in Vegas as do people from the porn industry. The major difference is the people from the porn industry do it in a more professional streamlined manner.

Successful Porn Site Design
When designing a porn site there are several elements you need to have in order for the site to be successful and make a good profit. Over 90% of porn sites that are online today make no money because they have poor design, poor content, and the owners of the sites do not know how to market it.

Teleteria Founder Jay Servidio
Jay Servidio started Teleteria on a shoe string budget in the fall of 1994. At first the company was a Service Bureau for the Audiotex market reselling 900 and 970 numbers for NY Telephone. Within months Teleteria was completely on the net building and hosting custom adult turnkey sites and became the largest in their field.

YouTube To Allow Users to Charge for Downloads
One of the many ways you can market your custom porn site it to run teaser videos on YouTube to attract visitors. Now YouTube will allow users to charge a fee for the ability to see the video.

Future of the Adult Online Business
If the Ipad and flexible bendable laptops is any indication of the things to come I would venture to say that the online porn industry is in good hands. Porn is always at the forefront of the technology sector. Jay Servidio is the leader in the online porn industry and has been since 1994.

Technology and the Online Sex Industry
There have been many instances where the adult industry has pushed the boundaries of technology. The next step in this is 3D content. Soon it will be available in major adult sites.

Success in the Porn Design Business
Get your own custom porn site today and start being autonomous. Live the life you want now with the income you have always dreamed of. is the largest provider of custom adult sites and has been since 1994.

Make Money In The Porn Business
With millions of Americans out of work more and more people are launching porn sites and making great profits. For a small investment you can start a custom porn site with tons of new content updated monthly and live web cams. All the money the site generates you keep and you can then get more sites to increase your profits.

Starting A Porn Site Now Is The Solution
With the current economic climate starting a porn site now makes more sense then ever. The market gives you an opportunity to work from home and make money legally and anonymously in the sex industry.

Marketing A Porn Site Now More Then Ever
With the current economic times now is the perfect time to launch your very own porn site. More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that they need a work from home opportunity. The adult website industry gives them that chance. With your own adult site you can work from home and make money without the difficulties of commuting to work and fear of losing your job.




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